A. Prior To Know About

1. All ORCC® trampolines get TUV certified. TUV is German organization that works to validate the safety of products of all kinds to protect humans and the environment against hazards. As independent consultants, they examine products which require monitoring. All ORCC® trampolines are German quality, safety assurance.

2. ORCC® trampoline was designed and manufactured with quality materials and craftsmanship. If proper care and maintenance is provided, it will provide all jumpers with years of exercise, fun, and enjoyment as well as reduce the risk of injury.

B. Keep Your Trampoline Clean

1. Please take care of your trampoline and keep it clean especially when anyone use it. Make sure there are no leaves, debris, mildew or bird droppings on it.

2. Every two weeks to wash your trampoline mat with garden hose is admirable.

C. Use the Rain Cover To Against UV Damage

1. Although ORCC® trampoline’s mat is UV-protected, it’s much better to put the rain cover on it to prolong your trampoline’s life when you not going to use it.

2. Replace it under a tree can help you to protect your trampoline from UV damage and remember to put the rain cover first to avoid cleaning the leaves or bird droppings.

D. Choose the Right Way to Have Fun with It

1. Jumpers should either wear socks, gymnastics shoes, or be barefoot when using the trampoline. Please be aware that street shoes or tennis shoes should not be worn while using the trampoline.

2. In order to prevent the trampoline mat from getting cut or damaged please do not allow any pets onto the mat. Also, jumpers should remove all sharp objects from their person prior to using the trampoline. Any type of sharp or pointed objects should be kept off the trampoline mat at all times.

3. If you also have a grill, please keep your trampoline away from it.

E. Windy Conditions

In severe wind situations, the trampoline can be blown about. If you expect windy weather conditions, the trampoline should be moved to a sheltered area or disassembled. Another option is to tie the round, outside portion (top frame) of the trampoline to the ground using ropes and stakes. To ensure security, at least 3 tie downs should be used. Do not just secure the legs of the trampoline to the ground because they can pull out the frame sockets.

F. Moving the Trampoline

If you need to move the trampoline, two people should be used. All connector points should be wrapped secured with weather resistant tape, such as duct tape. This will keep the frame intact during the move and prevent the connector points from dislocating and separating. When moving, lift the trampoline slightly of the ground and keep it horizontal to the ground. For any type of other move, you should disassemble the trampoline.

G. Be Aware Of

Always inspect the trampoline before each use for worn, abused or missing parts. A number of conditions could arise that may increase your chances of getting injured. Please be aware of:

  • Punctures, holes, or tears in the trampoline mat
  • Sagging trampoline mat
  • Loose stitching or any kind of deterioration of the mat
  • Bent or broken frame parts, such as the legs
  • Broken, missing, or damaged springs
  • Damaged, missing, or insecurely attached frame padding
  • Protrusions of any types (especially sharp types) on the frame, springs, or mat


This limited warranty applies to the following products and time frames, beginning from the original date of purchase: 

  • One year warranty for Trampoline pads and enclosure nets
  • Two year warranty for jumping mats and springs
  • Three years warranty for trampoline frames

A replacement for any defective part will be supplied free of charge at any time.

This warranty does not cover damage associated with weather related damage, damage due to improper assembly, damage due to misuse, damage due to excessive weight or improper maintenance and storage.

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